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Teddy’s Choice #9

Written on Wednesday, August 8th, 2018 about Teddy's Choice, Yeti Bikes

Short-Travel Trail Bike Meet Short-Travel Trail Dog. Ok Teddy, where’d you hide the cassette?

Continuing in our series of product recommendations by our shop dog Teddy, this week it’s a bike. And not just any bike; it’s one of the best mountain bikes available; Yeti’s SB100. If Teddy’s legs were actually long enough to reach the pedals this is the bike he would choose. Why? 1) It’s short-travel with 100 mm in the back, and 120 mm in the front…if you’ve ever tried walking him you’ll find out quickly he’s a short-travel kind of guy, 2) it’s state of the art in mountain bike design with it’s super-efficient Switch Infinity suspension design and long/slack geometry, and 3) it’s a Yeti…Teddy likes Yeti since their mascot is also furry and mysterious.

The SB100 is Yeti’s new short travel trail bike and follows Yeti’s well-proven “reverse mullet” philosophy of mountain bike design of party in the front, business in the back with 120mm of fork travel. The idea being climbing efficiency mated to descending prowess. The SB100 is also a big change for Yeti in that it is the first Switch Infinity bike that can take a water bottle. They managed that by turning the suspension sliders 90 degrees and tucking them behind the seat tube. Our guess is this is the first but not the last bike that will use this design.

Switch Infinity Link’s New Location

What Teddy also likes about the SB100 is it may be a 100mm bike but that doesn’t mean it’s a pure race bike. The geometry numbers are more trail than race but heck, go ahead and strap an number plate onto it…Teddy won’t mind as long as racing doesn’t conflict with his nap time.

Drop by the shop if you want to check this incredible bike out; we have them in stock.