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Teddy’s Choice #6

Written on Saturday, May 5th, 2018 about Accessories, Teddy's Choice

Teddy says Stay Hydrated this Summer

Going on a long ride and/or it’s hot out? Have a bike that doesn’t fit a water bottle (Ahem! a Yeti that isn’t an SB100) then Teddy recommends the Camelbak Quick Stow Flask. Basically it’s a cross between a regular water bottle and a hydration pack bladder. The flexible material allows it to be stowed easily in a jersey pocket and the locking valve means it won’t leak all over your back. Another good use for these is if you have a hydration pack and don’t want the hard-to-clean bladder to get funky from sugary energy drinks. You can put plain water in your pack and some energy drink in the Quick Stow Flask. Another benefit is unlike a conventional water bottle, once it is empty it folds down into a small package. Regular water bottles get lighter as they empty but not smaller.

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Flexible Fluid Container: Fits in Your Pocket