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Teddy’s Choice #4

Written on Saturday, April 14th, 2018 about Accessories, Teddy's Choice

Teddy says “Keep your paws comfy and your ride looking fresh with some new bar tape.”

Re-Fresh Your Ride:

Is the ol’ road bike looking a little beat up or worn down? An easy fix is some new handlebar tape. It cuts the road buzz, looks cool and makes your bike look new(er) again. Nowadays bar tape isn’t just bar tape; it comes in a vast array of materials, styles and colours. There is grippier, cushier…grippier and cushier, old school cloth, you name it. If there is such a thing as high-end for bar tape then it is Supacaz. Their tape is high quality and comes in a ton of cool and stylish colours. It also features aluminum bar plugs that stay put…unlike those cheesy push-in types. Teddy likes the Super Sticky Kush for the enhanced grip and comfort but Supacaz has a myriad of options and colours. The flouro colour seen here also compliments his Hardcore Team Kit perfectly.

Super Sticky Kush in Neon Yellow Star Fade

Drop by the Shop to check out Supacaz bar tape. Our awesome mechanics would be happy to install it for you as well. Don’t even have a road bike? We’ve got those too…and cyclocross, and gravel bikes…