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Teddy’s Choice #2

Written on Saturday, March 31st, 2018 about Bike Lights, Bontrager, Shop News, Teddy's Choice

Teddy Wants You To Be Seen this Riding Season

Long-Range Lumens

Last week Teddy’s recommendation for daytime lights had your safety in mind. This week is a continuation on that theme. In his last post Teddy suggested riders who do most of their kilometres in the city get a pair of Bontrager’s Ion 100 R/Flare R City lights. For those who like to do long rides out into the country, however, Teddy has a better option. Cars going 50 or 60 km/h in the city have more time to see you than those on the highway going double that speed. That’s why a light with more “horsepower,” or in this case lumens, is a good idea. Bontrager has you covered once again with the Ion 800 R headlight and the Flare R tail light. The 800 R is a popular light with night-riding mountain bikers with it’s properly focused beam and true 800 lumens output. Similarly, the daytime setting on the Flare R has a visibility rating measured in kilometres not metres. With that kind of output you can be sure drivers will see you in plenty of time even on a sunny day.

The Bontrager Flare R has a Range of 2km: take that distracted drivers.

The Bontrager Ion 800 R has 800 retina-sering lumens and can be seen from space…or 1.5km, whichever is closer.

Similar to the Ion/Flare city lights, the Ion 800 R/Flare R combo work incredibly well at night for everything from commuting to full-on-no-street-lights-in-sight single track carving. Teddy also wants to remind you that during Trekfest (until April 7th) these lights and all other Bontrager Accessories are 20% Off so drop by the Shop and check them out.


Disclaimer: Teddy’s posts are his personal opinion and are edited for spelling and grammar–since that isn’t a Corgi’s strong suit. He also ate part of his last column so we had to fill in the blanks a bit.