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Teddy’s Choice #16

Written on Tuesday, May 21st, 2019 about Accessories, Teddy's Choice
Garmin meets Corgi

Corgis tend not to get lost; being able to sniff their way home. Most people do get lost. Track your ride, including the way home, with this Garmin Edge 130 GPS computer. Giving you all of the usual bike computer metrics like speed, distance, and time the Edge 130 can sync to various apps to show you your historical data, track your rides on Strava or Garmin Connect with all the social media shenanigans that goes with that…just don’t be “that guy/girl” who blows by people on the trail ’cause you’re KOM hunting; very lame and Teddy will bark at you.

Unlike old-school bike computers that have wires and replaceable batteries, Garmin computers are super simple; just mount it to your bar and go. No magnets or sensors to mess with. Thanks to the military-industrial complex, all of the necessary hardware is in orbit. With USB recharging you don’t ever have to put batteries in it.

The Edge 130 is Garmin’s basic model with higher models like the 530, 830 and 1030 adding more features like colour maps and fancier screens. Garmin is Teddy-approved; we have a chewed up 800 model as proof.

Available as a stand alone head unit or as one of of 2 bundles: the road bundle with speed and cadence sensors or the MTB version with a mount and silicone case. Head Unit only: $269.99, Bundles: $329.99