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Teddy’s choice #15

Written on Saturday, May 11th, 2019 about Accessories, Teddy's Choice
Stylish Bells for a Stylish Guy

Corgis are known to be stylish dogs…heck, the Queen has had over 30 of them. That is why Teddy is recommending this very cool bell from the Australian company Knog, the Oi Luxe. The new all-metal version of the Oi bell is much-improved over the old plastic one in strength and durability. It also sounds better.

Teddy also wants you to not be “that guy/girl” who passes walkers or other cyclists on the bike path and scares the crap out of them. Be a good bike path citizen and let people know you are overtaking by ringing your bell.

Oi Luxe Bell Brass Colour

All of that quality and style does come at a price, however; we won’t lie these are the highest-end bells we have ever stocked at $49.99. The Oi Luxe is available in 22.2 mm (commuter and mountain bike size) and 31.8 mm (road bike size).

Naturally we have a wide selection of less pricey bells if you just want ring without the bling. As far as we know this isn’t the most expensive bell; that title goes to the Spurcycle’s bell at $69.00CAN.