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Teddy’s Choice #12

Written on Thursday, November 1st, 2018 about Accessories, Teddy's Choice

Teddy Says: “Always wear a helmet…and not a dorky one either.”

This week Teddy decided to talk about a helmet but really is more interested in the company Kali Protectives who makes it. This is the Lunati model from Kali and is part of their Enduro series of mountain bike helmets. Kali might not be a brand on your radar but is very innovative in the design of their helmets. For example the “Nano Fusion” technology they are developing and use in the Interceptor enduro helmet and the Shiva 2.0 DH helmet has the potential to allow a true multi-impact helmet. The other advantage of Nano Fusion material is that less of it is required for the same protection than with traditional EPS foam so the helmet can be lower profile. The low profile has the added benefit of creating a shorter lever arm in a crash so there is less torque on the head and neck.

Similarly their LDL (Low Density Layer) reduces rotational and low-g impacts in a crash reducing the chance of concussions and fractures. The MIPS system used in other helmets reduce rotational impacts but do nothing for low-g…which are the majority of crashes.

If you really want to nerd out on helmet technology just head over to Kali’s website. That or come try some on here at the Shop. The above-mentioned Lunati is an excellent trail helmet as is the range-topping Interceptor.