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Teddy’s Choice #11

Written on Saturday, September 22nd, 2018 about Accessories, Teddy's Choice, Uncategorized

Teddy Wants You to Stay Hydrated

This week Teddy Choice is a product that is  a bit less sexy and exotic than high-performance carbon fibre full-suspension bikes from Yeti (though Teddy himself is looking pretty good these days don’t you think?). In fact his choice this week is a humble water bottle cage. But just as for want of a nail the kingdom was lost, for want of water your ride could quickly deteriorate into a delirious crash-fest. Enter the Bontrager RL Cage.

No water is no fun and if you are going to put a water bottle cage on your bike why not have it look nice and/or match you bike/kit/socks/helmet or whatever turns your crank. Clashing is also just fine; heck, it’s your bike, put whatever you want on it (except a gas motor; Teddy hates those abominations). Here at the Shop Mark is derided mocked well-known for putting the same green Bontrager RL cage on his bike regardless of the colour of the bike. Anyway, this particular water bottle cage comes in a ton of cool matching colours, has Bontrager’s exceptional Unconditional Guarantee, and is both tough and light at 38 grams.

Lots of Colours to Choose From