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Teddy’s Choice #10

Written on Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018 about Shop News, Teddy's Choice

“Buy these gloves!”

Today Teddy our Shop Corgi hits a milestone with his 10th installment of product recommendations. Like many models, Teddy can be a bit temperamental. For this photo shoot he did a fair amount of complaining and kept trying to leave. A quick lunch break sorted him out though (lunch for actual models: cigarettes and water, Teddy: kibble). Being less “hangry” allowed him to voice his opinion on riding gloves, namely the new Hardcore special edition of the Giro DND glove. Like Teddy, these gloves are a no-nonsense, WYSIWYG kind of product. Favoured by mountain bikers they are a great fitting glove that just works. It can’t hurt that they are also limited edition custom with the Hardcore logo. Also note the cool maple leaf grippers on the finger tips. Teddy, as always, is concerned about your safety and approves of the hi-viz colour way.

Drop by the shop and put your paws into a pair of these gloves; you won’t be disappointed.

DND meet HCB.