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Teddy’s Choice #1

Written on Thursday, March 22nd, 2018 about Accessories, Bike Lights, Shop News, Teddy's Choice

This is Part One of a series of recommendations from Shop Dog Teddy. Teddy is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and he has some strong views on a number of topics including naps, socks, the excessive height of stair steps and your safety. Today he’d like to encourage everyone who rides a bike in the city to get some daytime running lights.

Teddy knows a good idea when he sees it

Getting hit by a car can ruin your day so these Bontrager Ion 100/Flare R City duo are perfect to ensure today’s distracted drivers pass you with care. USB rechargeability means you never have to worry about buying batteries. These lights are super convenient whilst keeping you super safe. The front has a 100 lumens and the rear 35 which is lots but numbers don’t tell the whole story; how the beam is focused counts for just as much and Bontrager has that covered. An ambient light sensor automatically switches brightness for day/night set -it-and-forget-it riding. The duo is $94.99 and we have them in stock. Also keep in mind Bontrager’s warranty is amazing; have a problem with your light? We hand you a new one on the spot. Of course you can use these lights at night to “be seen” by drivers and other cyclists. If you want “to see” in an area with no street lights (or if you ride out on the highway) then there is another, even brighter option that Teddy will explain next week.

Convenient, compact and extremely bright; stay safe with the Bontrager Ion 100/Flare R City Light Set