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All-New Yeti SB150

Written on Saturday, September 1st, 2018 about Bikes, Shop News, Yeti Bikes


Yeti SB150 Turq Build. We like the orange.

Yeti Cycles only makes high-end carbon fibre full-suspension mountain bikes. Can you get a road bike, cyclocross, commuter or gravel bike from them? No, no, no, and nyet. Just mountain bikes. Do they have bikes for everyone? That is also a no…unless everyone thinks spending $6000 and up on a mountain bike a a completely normal thing to do. No, these are bikes for enthusiasts who want the best, most capable mountain bike available. Similar to Porsche until the Cayenne came out (which BTW if you are a Porsche purist is an abomination that should not be named) who only made high performance sports cars; and extremely good ones at that, Yeti makes only one kind of (extremely good) bike. When your focus is that tight, that specific and you have decades of racing and riding at the highest level possible under your belt then it’s no surprise that the bikes Yeti makes are so good. Mountain biking is a relatively young sport but if there is a storied brand with a long history of racing and innovation it is Yeti.

Last week Yeti released a new bike and it wasn’t the one we were expecting. With the summer release of the SB100 it seemed the SB4.5 was the next to be updated. While the SB4.5 is a great all-rounder it was now a bit lost in space in terms of where it sat in the line up. Rather than release the replacement for that they released an update of the SB5.5; their already incredibly capable long-travel 29er. Now that may be down to the fact the SB150 got leaked and it forced Yeti’s hand but at the end of the day it’s of no matter because the SB150 is an insanely cool bike. The numbers on the SB150 are what is au courant in mountain bike design with a 77 degree seat angle and a 64.5 degree head angle. 29 inch wheels goes without saying of course since the whole idea is to roll over obstacles better and for that bigger is better. And very large obstacles can be rolled over indeed with this bike…like mountains, R.O.U.S’s, and World Cup Enduro courses. If numbers are your thing then go here and prepare to nerd out.

We are currently taking pre-orders for these incredible bikes. Availability is November-ish. If you order between now and October 15th you can take advantage of our “Biketoberfest” pricing. Details to be released soon so stay tuned.

SB150 Naturally also available in Yeti Turquoise