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All-New Platform: SB100 from Yeti Cycles

Written on Wednesday, April 11th, 2018 about Bikes, Shop News, Yeti Bikes

SB100 in some Gnarly Terrain near Bellingham

We have been tempted with computer drawings that we weren’t allowed to share for a while now but yesterday Yeti sent us actual shots of their new cross-country model the SB10o. With 100mm of rear travel this bike is on the face of it a pure cross-country bike but with the also-new Step-Cast Fox 34 fork with 120mm of travel, beefy tires, a steep seat tube angle and slack head tube angle, this bike has a healthy dose of trail bike in it’s DNA. Yeti themselves admit it is a hard bike to categorize. But then Yeti has always followed a bit of a “reverse mullet” philosophy on their bikes–as in party in the front, business in the back–by having more suspension travel in the forks they spec than the amount of rear travel.

Detail of the SB100’s Switch Infinity Link

The new bike uses Yeti’s Switch Infinity suspension system seen on their other models but modifies it to allow room for a water bottle and longer dropper posts; important on a bike that Geoff Kabush will be defending his title in the BC Bike Race with. The Infinity Link has been turned 90 degrees and tucked behind the seat tube to allow the extra room in the main triangle. In the process Yeti has lightened the system; also important on a bike that may see racing duties but is still meant to be a fun, all-round trail bike…just with less travel.

Cross-country Bike or Trail Bike? Yes.

Similar to their other bikes there is a more affordable Carbon-Series SB100 frame and lighter Turq Series versions. There are 4 build kits available including the C-Series model that is spec’d extremely well at $6999.99. The 3 Turq variants also have a DT Swiss Carbon wheels option if you want to amp up an already amazing bike’s performance. Similar to their other models, the T-Series bikes come with Fox Factory suspension vs. the C-Series Performance shocks.

The Beti Colour Way with Custom-Tuned Rear Shock

The SB100 is available in a Beti women’s version and unlike the other Beti bikes will share the 29″ wheels of the non-Beti bike. The Beti “Coral” colour is amazing but unlike many “women’s specific” bikes that have girly colours and that’s about it, the Beti uses Fox suspension tuned for lighter riders. This can be a huge issue for female riders since with regular suspension tuned to “Joe Average” male they can find it difficult to get the bike set up correctly.

This Bike looks like the perfect Edmonton bike and yet will be capable in the mountains. Yeti is going to start shipping the SB100 models on April 18th and we have a couple coming so come check them out. For pricing of the various models drop by or drop us a line. To check it out on Yeti’s website Go Here.