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How to Move Heavy Objects (and improve our Service Area)

Written on Thursday, January 24th, 2019 about Lifestyle, Shop News

New (extremely heavy) Work Bench makes its way inside

Longtime customers are aware of the fact that every winter a migration occurs at the shop. When they come in each Spring they note how the bike displays, work benches, cash station, etc. have moved around to a new position. We really can’t help ourselves, it’s true. This winter was no exception with a re-arrangement of the service area to improve the flow and reduce bottle necks. Apparently this involved a new work bench that was so heavy we had to “Stonehenge” it into the back of the shop with ramps, wheels, wooden supports, ratchet straps, sledgehammers and employing a process that the engineers of the pyramids of Giza would not be unfamiliar with. Barry and Keegan did the lion’s share of the work and managed to retain all of their fingers and toes.

Further improvements are ongoing and by Spring the front retail area will also be subject to similar renovations. All of this isn’t from watcing too many reality makeover shows but rather our version of kaizen, continuous improvement or as Team Sky calls it “the accumulation of marginal gains.”