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MooseDuro 2018

Written on Thursday, September 27th, 2018 about Club News, Shop News

Moose Mountain Looks Good on Them

On September 23rd five members of the Hardcore Bikes family travelled to Moose Mountain Alberta to race the second rendition of the MooseDuro. The event, organized by Alberta 66 MTB, consisted of a short and long course with the long course covering 30 km, 4 timed stages and 1300 meters of climbing. In proper Hardcore Bikes style all five of our racers opted for the long course despite 2 of the racers having never raced an Enduro. This year’s conditions were muddy to say the least due to the area receiving over 10 cms of snow fall in the week prior to the event. Despite the conditions, Alberta66 MTB pressed on with the race with only one minor change to stage 2 to keep things safe for the riders and preserve the trail.

The entire race was mapped and available for riders on trial forks,

  • Stage 1– a trail aptly named “Brakeless” starts with a few steep corners then turns into a long section of flat out trail, usually ridden the fastest by those willing to stay off the brakes.
  • Stage 2– “Jean Guy on the Rocks” a steep rocky technical trail that finishes with a fast rooty finish. This stage has riders wide eyed by the end, seeming to separate some of the riders due to the technical riding compounded by the mud.
  • Stage 3– Upper “Race of Spades” which was tightly lined with tress and slick mud covered rock gardens that became technical fast due to high speeds.
  • Stage 4 – Lower “Race of Spades” which forced tired riders to pedal hard through small rock gardens into muddy technical sections to a fast shoot into the finish of the race.

Long-time Hardcore rider Brain Whatley ( now a moose mountain local) raced his way to the podium with a third place finish with Mike McGill 5 seconds behind finishing in 5th place in the masters men category. Race results aside, Hardcore Bikes presence was noticed at the event by organizers as well as other racers.

For those interested in racing this event or any other enduro in the upcoming seasons please stop by the shop or send us an email. We can set you on the right path and put you in contact with Hardcore riders currently racing Enduro’s.