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Go! Ride & Win – Test Ride an e-Bike and Win!

Written on Wednesday, May 1st, 2019 about Uncategorized
For the Month of May – Test Ride a Trek e-Bike and win!

Thinking about an e-bike? Maybe just curious? Test ride a Trek e-bike in May and you can scratch to win free stuff, gift cards, a $500 discount on an e-bike…or an e-bike. Every scratch card is a winner. We’ve yet to send a person out on an e-bike who didn’t come back with a huge grin on their face; they are that fun. Hills? What hills?

Goodbye car, gas, parking fees, insurance, road rage, beer gut…

Are you thinking: “I don’t need an e-bike I want to get exercise/I’m not old or injured/those are for slow people…”? Think again, these are pedal-assist; you still have to do some work. You just get to choose how hard that work is rather than letting the terrain dictate to you. When you can do twice as many runs or climbs in the same amount of time you’re getting as much or more exercise. Riding an e-bike is just a different way to enjoy cycling; it reduces the slow, tedious portions of a ride and increases the fast, fun ones.

Give one a try today; you’ll love it.

Contest Rules are here.