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What the #@%&! do I get for the Cyclist on my Christmas List?

Written on Thursday, December 6th, 2018 about Accessories, Bikes, Shop News

When someone you know is really into something like, say, bikes and you aren’t it can be really hard to shop for them. Anything you get for them might be the wrong one for the type of bike or riding they do, not the current cool one, wrong size…it’s hard. That’s where we can help. If the person you are shopping for is a regular here we probably know what they do or do not already have. We can also make suggestions for people we may not know by using our powers of clairvoyance and by hacking into their Amazon account…ok, we don’t know how to do either of those things but we do ride ourselves and know what we want for Christmas and you can bet other cyclists do too.

Here are some suggestions in no particular order for the discerning cyclist this Christmas season from inexpensive all the way up to “they’ve been, really, really good” level of gift.

1. Lezyne Torque Drive Wrench $79.99: working on your bike is way easier when you aren’t guessing on how tight bolts should be. That new carbon fibre handlebar you just installed is supposed to make a cracking sound when you tighten the stem bolts isn’t it? Nope…know it’s right with this handy tool.

2. Crowsnest Coffee $22.99: A bike ride without coffee is like a day without sunshine…and takes longer with more crashing and swearing…maybe that’s just me. Regardless, cycling and coffee go together like cats and the internet so what cyclist wouldn’t want some small-batch, artisanal-roasted coffee beans. The Santa’s Big Secret blend only comes out at Christmas so works on a whole number of levels here.

3. Gore Rescue Waterproof Riding Shorts $109.99: Ok, you are thinking; who would want to wear shorts riding in the winter? I’m glad you asked because these things are awesome for winter riding worn over your thermal tights of course. What they do is act as splash guards and have Windstopper that keeps you warmer and drier while not getting all sweaty (and therefore cold) like full pants. Bonus points for making you look more “Core” at the coffee shop before/after your ride.

4. Bontrager Ion Pro RT Headlight $139.99: Bontrager keeps upping the ante with their all-in-one lights. We thought the previous model Ion 800 was insane value but the Ion Pro RT ups the lumens to 1300 from 800, improves the run time and cold-resistance all for the same price! 

5. Schwalbe Marathon Winter Studded Tire $119.99 ea.: Winter commuting is a great way to tell winter where to go and how to get there while staying fit and saving money. Unfortunately Winter’s come back to that is black ice, regular ice, ice hidden under brown sugar snow, frozen ruts…it’s an icy obstacle course some days. Be ready for all of that with some quality studded tires that are also designed to deal with snow.

6. Finish Line Wet Lube $7.99: Need a stocking stuffer for the winter rider in your life? Then some winter chain lube fits the bill. Designed for the wet, sometimes dirty winter conditions this stuff works to protect bike drive trains in gross conditions.

7. Trek Farley 5 Fat Bike $2099.99: Winter is long ’round these parts so why not embrace it and what more fun way to do that than fatbiking? People who try fat bikes for the first time invariably come back with a huge grin on their face. They are big, cuddly, bikes that are stable and surefooted in snow. With the huge network of trails we are so fortunate to have here in Edmonton there is no end of places to play in the snow. Want something lighter? The Farley 9.6 at $3699.99 adds a carbon  frame and nicer components for an even sweeter fat bike experience.

8. Topeak Hexus X Multitool $39.99: Multitools are a must-have for any cyclist. If you have a bit of an “off” and you need to straighten your handlebars or saddle, if you need to change a flat, tweak you shifting or brakes then you are well prepared with this handy tool from Topeak. In the crowded world of bike multitools, this is our favourite.

 9. Racer e-Glove 2 Electric Heated Gloves $259.99: When winter riding, whether that’s fatbiking or commuting, keeping one’s core warm is easy. The problem is always the extremities; hands and feet. We’ve got your hands covered with these cozy, heated gloves that have 3 setting and last 3 hours on high. Also good for winter dog walking, scraping the ice off your car, skiing, and generally being outside in winter.

10. Yeti SB130 $6899.99 to $13,299.99: Clearly the person with this on their Christmas list has been extremely good this year; we’re talking saint levels of goodness that involves many good deeds and a lot of sucking up to one’s better half. It also indicates they have discerning taste because this is as good as it gets in high-performance trail mountain bikes. Full stop.

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