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Written on Saturday, September 29th, 2018 about Fat Bikes, Trek Bikes

The Weather Network explains why Alberta’s weather sucks so bad in September

Apparently there is a unprecedented–as in record levels not seen since 1958–high pressure system parked over Alaska since the beginning of September. Why do I mention that? Because it is funneling Arctic air into Alberta meaning winter is pretty much here already. Another sign of winter is fat bike sales have picked up as have studded tires and other winter-related gear. Hopefully this doesn’t continue and October is better weather-wise. Regardless, all this premature snow has us at the shop thinking about all things fat bike.

Global Fat Bike Day

Put December 1st on your calendar because that is Global Fat Bike Day. The first Saturday in December is when fat bikers the world over rage against the dying of the light so to speak and get out onto their fat bikes. As we do every year we will be hosting a ride from the shop with après-ride refreshments and nourishment. Details will be provided closer to the event.


What’s New in Fat Bikes?

Don’t have a fat bike? Your fat bike is old and slow? Well drop by the shop. We have the full line of Farley Fat Bikes from Trek whose fat bikes are incredibly well spec’d, come in a wide range from affordable to all carbon-fibered up, and most importantly, handle like real mountain bikes. The most popular Farley is the least expensive Farley 5 with and aluminum frame, carbon fiber fork, a 1x drivetrain, and studdable tubeless ready tires. At $2099.99 this bike is a great value.

Farley 5: Get Fat this Winter

Trek does make a Farley 7 with a suspension fork but we find around here most people want the rigid bikes so we don’t stock that one but are happy to order one for you. Why would you want suspension on a bike with 5″ tires at 6 psi? If you fat bike a lot in the mountains with sustained descending then suspension is your friend. In Edmonton’s river valley sustained descending is not really a thing so rigid fat bikes ‘r us.

Next up in the Farley line is the most popular high-end option, the Farley 9.6. The key upgrades the 9.6 has over the Farley 5 is a carbon frame, Level T Brakes,  NX Eagle 1 x 12 drivetrain and lighter Barbegazi TLR tires. AT $3799.99 this is the sweet spot for high performance fat bikes.

Is “Light Fat Bike” an Oxymoron?

What’s that you say? The Trek Farley 9.6 doesn’t have nearly enough carbon fibre? Yes my friends the handlebar, crankset and rims on the 9.6 are all severely carbon-defficient. Enter the Farly 9.8. Here is a mountain bike with 27.5″ x 5″ tires that is lighter than most regular hardtail mountain bikes. Other upgrades over the 9.6 include the dropper post (handy on sketchy and snowy descents), swanky Guide RS Brakes, GX Eagle 1 x 12 Drivetrain, and Titanium-railed Montrose saddle. $6199.99.

All of the Trek Fat bikes use the bigger-is-better 27.5″ wheel diameter which is lighter and less bouncy. Their tires and rims are all tubeless-ready out of the box so you can further lighten up your fat bike (fat bike tubes typically weigh ~450 grams…ie: 1 pound…each!). And yes, tubeless sealant works in cold temperatures just fine.

Any questions or to test ride a Farley just drop by the shop, we’d be happy to to talk Fat Bike with you.