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COVID-19: What we are doing.

Written on Saturday, March 14th, 2020 about COVID-19, Shop News

First off we would like to say thank you to our customers for your support of us and other small businesses during this difficult time.

Update April 4th – We’re Still Here!

We continue to be open on reduced hours and are maintaining the procedures outlined below such as limiting the number of customers in the store, offering free pickup and delivery on tune ups or higher services (inside the Henday), Curb-Side delivery, and maintaining strict cleanliness and physical distancing. We appreciate your help in all of this.

We are only using our rear entrance and asking people to come for a purpose–no “just browsing” visits please. Our customers have been great and we appreciate their patience and their support during this strange new normal that we are all having to adapt to.

If you do want to check out what we have please don’t hesitate to phone (780) 439-4599 or email and we’d be happy to provide as much information as you need remotely.

Marking the Days

Update March 28

The Alberta government has designated bike shops as essential services so we remain open. We continue to limit the number of customers in the store and practice physical distancing.

Thinking of coming to the shop to look at bikes? Please phone (780) 439-4599 or Email first. We can email back with suggestions for models of bikes, links to the appropriate web pages and pricing and availability. That way when you do come in we can focus on sizing and keep the visit brief for everyone’s safety.

Need your bike repaired or serviced? We offer free pickup and delivery inside the Henday for our tune ups and above levels of servicing. Outside of the Henday it’s $20 each way. We can also do curbside service if you want to drop-and-go. We can email you with an estimate for your approval before we proceed with the service.

Thinking of coming to the shop to browse? Please don’t. Please come with a purpose. Again, we’d be happy to let you know what we have for options in bikes, parts, clothing and accessories by phone or email.

Update March 24th:

We are remaining open but with the following measures in place to protect our customers and staff:

If you are interested in a product or bike, call or email first and we can make recommendations, email specs and photos and generally offer the same personalized service that we give to our customers remotely. For bikes, we can then limit the in-store visit to sizing. Our phone number is (780) 439-4599.

If you do come to the store we are limiting the number of customers inside the store so if the door is closed, phone and we will help you.

For service and repair, similarly we can communicate by phone or email and then you can drop the bike “curbside” in our free parking at the back of the shop or we can come pick up the bike for free (inside the Henday).

March 14th

With the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus and concerns around preventing its spread, we at Hardcore Bikes would like to let you know the steps we are taking to protect your health and that of our staff.

  1. Cleanliness in the Shop is being stepped up. Cleaning and dis-infecting of Interac machine PIN pads, keyboards, computer mice, phones, door handles and other high-touch/public surfaces will be continuous throughout the day.
  2. Our staff has been instructed to forgo shaking hands with customers and maintain social distance. Customers who don’t feel well are asked to stay home.
  3. We will be offering free delivery of bikes for repair or for purchased bikes (inside our regular delivery zone of inside the Anthony Henday) for customers who wish to stay home.
  4. Staff who feel ill or have been exposed to people who have either traveled outside of the country or show symptoms will stay home until they can be tested for Covid-19. We will support our staff by continuing to pay them should they need to be isolated for the required 14 days.
  5. We will be shortening our hours by closing at 6 pm on Thursdays instead of 8 pm. We may shorten them further to reduce contact of our staff with others but will keep you posted.

Hopefully this will soon pass and we can return to business as usual. Bike shops are a community hub and a fun place to hang out and we normally encourage it. For now though, if you have a reason to come in we’d be happy to help. If you just want to chat, let’s do that over the phone.

For many people bikes are their transportation to get to work, shopping and appointments. For others it is exercise and stress reduction. We feel we need to support these people at this time but should we be ordered to close by the government we would, of course, comply.

If you are not sick, please support others in the community and your local businesses–that way we will be here to serve you when things return to normal. If you are not 100% healthy stay home, call 811 and take care of yourself.

If we all work together, take reasonable precautions and follow common sense we can keep our community healthy.