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Bike Shops in a Time of COVID

Written on Monday, June 22nd, 2020 about Club News, COVID-19, Shop News
Our Almost Empty Bike Racks

It’s been awhile since we’ve sent out a newsletter. The reason for that is we have just come through the busiest period we have ever experienced as a bike shop. North America has just come through a bike boom not seen in a generation…if ever.

With gyms closed and most sporting activities cancelled due to COVID restrictions everyone decided to get out on their bikes, buy a new bike or tune up their existing bike. This is a great thing, however it resulted in us being way beyond our capacity to handle the business we were receiving. Also with COVID restrictions we couldn’t add more staff so instead we ran all day, came in early, stayed late and worked on our days off. We are accustomed to a business that is very seasonal and always has a Spring rush but this was unlike anything we have ever experienced.

We are grateful to our customers who patiently waited in line and helped us keep us and them safe from COVID by following our distancing procedures. Our service wait time quickly got pushed out to 5 weeks and is still there despite our mechanics putting in a lot of extra hours. At the height we were doing our best but it often took us days to reply to phone messages and emails and we couldn’t always answer the phone with a long line up outside. Again, thanks to our customers for your patience.

We also sold through almost all of our bikes under $2000 and so did our suppliers. We currently can get some higher-end bikes but most less-expensive bikes are sold out until summer or Fall. Not everything is gone, however, so if you are looking for a bike let us know and we may still be able to find a great option for you.

I want to send a huge shout out to our staff for the massive effort they put in to keep up with the tidal wave of business. As mentioned they were coming in on their days off, putting in long hours with no breaks, cheerfully helping a continuous line of people, a phone that rang every minute and overflowing email inboxes…for 10 weeks…possibly longer; it has all been a bit of a blur to be honest. All the while trying to work under the limitations of COVID safety measures.

To thank our staff and give them a well-deserved break we will be closing the shop over the Canada Day week. We will be closed from June 28th to July 6th; we will re-open with regular hours on July 7th. If you have a new bike to pick up or a bike in for service please come in on or before June 27th or from July 7th-on. 

With COVID still in our community we continue to practice physical distancing and disinfecting procedures in our store. We appreciate your continued support and cooperation in these difficult times.

Club News

The rides have started but with restictions. Rides are open to club members only and they must sign a waiver before June 30th to take part in rides this season. Group size will be limited. If you are a club member you would have received an email on June 20th outlining the Alberta Bicycle Association’s and Alberta Health Services “return to play” Guidelines for resuming rides. A link to the waiver is in that email.