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Teddy’s Choice #7

Written on Thursday, May 24th, 2018 about Accessories, Teddy's Choice

Teddy’s Favourite Chain Lube

Chain Checker

It’s a little known fact that Corgi’s were bred to herd cattle and like other herding dogs tend to want to do that with people as well. You can tell they are constantly doing a head count. Due to the Spring rush at the Shop Teddy hasn’t posted for a while since he has been busy keeping our customers in an orderly group. He also works upstairs in the bookstore so, similar to many immigrants (he’s Welsh), he is working 2 jobs. He did take some time though to weigh in on the “what’s the best chain lube?” debate.

Teddy prefers Boeshield T9 for a number of reasons, one being it can be used in all conditions. Many chain lubes come in a “wet” or “dry” version so you need two whereas Boeshield works in everything. Probably the most demanding environment for chain lube is our dreaded “brown snow.” If you’ve ridden in winter you’ve encountered this oatmeal-like slurry that sits on top of packed snow or ice and together has to be one of the sketchiest things you can ride a bike over/through–think ball bearings on top of vaseline and you get the general idea. What makes the snow brown is the fact it’s mixed in with grit and sand and once this dreaded compound gets on your chain will pulverize whatever chain lube you have on there in a matter of a few dozen metres. Boeshield is the only lube that can withstand these extreme conditions and works well in Spring/Summer/Fall as well including mud.

Another reason Teddy likes Boeshield is it is a wax-type lube meaning it goes on wet but once it dries has a, you guessed it, wax-like consistency. This means dirt, dust and sand don’t stick to it like with wetter lubes. The catch is unlike regular chain lubes where you can just apply them and go Boeshield needs to dry for a few hours so it’s best to apply after your ride.

Teddy’s Choice

Most bike chains are at Teddy’s eye-level so he’s seen more than his share and most of what he sees stresses his OCD tendencies; namely most chains are black with too much lube mixed with dirt. The way to keep you chain always looking clean without having to get into a tedious and messy degreasing session is to apply your chain lube correctly. The right way to lube a chain is to first wipe off the chain really well with a rag. Next apply a liberal amount of chain lube and then, this is the step few people do, wipe the chain off again. Why, you might ask, would I wipe off the lube I just put onto my chain? Doesn’t that defeat the entire purpose? No because you want most of the lube “in” the chain rather than “on” it and by wiping it off that extra lube you remove will take a lot of dirt and grime with it keeping your chain shiny.

T-9 was developed by Boeing for use on their airplanes. It also works on cars, squeaky door hinges and other household lube duties.

If you have any questions for Teddy about keeping your chain clean or any other riding advice drop by the Shop.