Who are We


What: Hardcore Bikes Owner, Manager and Sponsored Racer (ok, he sponsors himself).

When: When he is not working, he's riding.

Where: In The Shop, out on the Trails and on the Road.

Why: 'Cause what the heck else are you going to do with 2 Arts Degrees.

How: He's not sure but it involves having no life outside of working, riding and racing.

Rides: Ibis Hakkalugi, Yeti ARC-X, Trek Superfly Carbon Custom, Moulden Custom Tandem.


What: Hardcore Service Manager and Warcraft legend.

When: We are not sure if Barry rides bikes, but he does have a nice one just in case.

Where: Edmonton and the Rockies

Why: One day his computer didn't work so he went outside and...

How: Barry became one of the best mechanics in the city by using a torque wrench for everything, even valve stems.

Rides: Ancient Marin DH Bike w/ beloved Dorrado, No-Name Steel Hardtail Commuter w/ Studded Tires year-round.

Mike B

What: Teacher, Website and part time shop guy, Club Prez and Elite Racer

When: Before and after work, Hammer time, Beer o'clock

Where: Teaches in a school, schools the competition at the races

Why: So I will have some cool stories to tell my grandkids.

How: Has an understanding wife

Rides: Trek Superfly 9.9 SL, Gary Fisher X-Caliber confabulized for winter riding, Foundry Cross Bike.


What: Hardcore Bikes Veteran Mechanic.

When: For the last 8 years - has it been that long?

Where: France wasn't that good...Utah, way better.

Why: In case University doesn't work out, he can be a pro downhiller

How: With Owain, it's always by the book.

Rides: Trek Fuel EX 9, Brodie commuter, Woodman Trials, Intense BMX.


 What: Shop Sales and Trail Maintanence Coordinator

When: About Once a Year

Where: The Shop, Terwillegar Park, 7 Summits 

Why: 'Cause he thought an 80% pay cut would be character building

How: Hours and hours on Pinkbike, NSMB, etc.



What: Shop Dog (Part Time) 

RIP: 2000 - 2014

We'll Miss You Buddy.



What: Sales and Starcraft League of Legends Pro

When: When he's not studying engineering...shouldn't you be studying?

Where: At the Shop, the U. and online.

Why: 'Cause university is damn expensive...and his Dad made him

How: With powerups and +1 charm and helpfulness

Ride: Customized Trek Rig Single Speed, Foundry Auger 'Cross.



 Who: Sales, Fit, and Fashion Guru

When: All the time; he lives, eats and breaths bike stuff

Where: On the Road, Trails and Australia

Why: needs an outlet for his encylcopedic knowledge

How: It's a secret but we suspect it has something to do with a lot of caffeine.

Rides: Trek Madone 6.5, Trek Superfly FS 9.9 SL Project One, Custom Moulden Cross (brown naturally), Trek Boone 9.

Mike M.

 Who: Part-Time Sales and High-End Bike Collector

When: When he's not busting bad guys

Where: Here, Fernie, 7 Summits...wherever the trails are good.

Why: For the Shop Deal of course...and bikes are so cool.

How: With only one gear you wimps!

Rides: Niner Sir 9, Niner Rip 9, Marin Cortina


What: Part-time Sales, French Ex-Pat and Road Bike Encylopedia.

When: When he's not training or studying - so not very often.

Where: Road, More Road & a bit of 'Cross

Why: 'Cause there aren't any hard bike races in France.

How: Working to pay for the new Trek Émonda.

Rides: Trek Ion CX Pro, Brodie Once