New Women's Bikes

 Appropriately it was International Women's Day when we received a shipment of women's specific Trek bikes. For the Roadies out there, we received the Lexa S ($999), the Lexa SL ($1299) and the Lexa SLX ($1499). Can't decide between road and trail? Don't because we also received Trek's women's specific dualsport bikes the Neko S ($669) and the Neko SL ($889) which are at home on pavement and gravel paths. If you like the idea of pavement riding for fitness or commuting but the drop bars make your back hurt just looking at them then we have Trek's FX bikes. The FX bikes are essentially road bikes with flat handlebars so the position is more comfortable. Highlights of the women's FX series are the 7.3 FX WSD ($819) and if you really want to fly in comfort, the 7.6 FX WSD ($1449). The cool thing about the 7.6 is the Isozone dampening material it has in the frame and the handlebars to absorb vibration making for a smooth and less jarring ride. 

If trails are your thing, Trek's new Lush full-suspension mountain bikes are the consumate all-rounders; at home in the trails of our river valley or in the knarlier terrain of the mountains. The Lush S ($2449) and the Lush SL ($2749) have 120mm of travel, excellent suspension and components. In hardtails, 29ers are popular this year and we have two of Trek's women's specific 29ers; the Mamba WSD ($999) and the X-Caliber WSD ($1599). The larger diameter wheels of 29ers roll over obstacles and rough terrain more easily and make the bike feel more stable. 

Check out Trek's full line of Women's Specific Bicycles by Clicking Here

Come by for a test ride, you won't be dissappointed. 

Trek Lexa STrek Lexa STrek Neko S WSDTrek Neko S WSDTrek 7.6 FX WSDTrek 7.6 FX WSD7.6 FX WSD Isozone7.6 FX WSD IsozoneIsozone GripIsozone Grip