Buy any Trek bike over $399 from April 10th to 14th and get Free Stuff!

Drop by the Shop or Hit Trek's Website Here for all the Details.

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RSD bikes are a relatively new company based out of Toronto that make some cool hardtails as well as a fat bike called The Mayor. A fatbike from Toronto called The Mayor is pretty hilarious but it is also incredibly well-spec'd for the money. You see fatbikes from some big manufacturers that clearly don't understand what these bikes are going to be used for...a simple look at the tires will often confirm this. RSD gets it and have spec'd parts that work for snow riding starting with the tubeless-ready Vee Snowshoe tires, the carbon fork to shave some weight and add dampening and SRAM X7 derailleurs and shifters that work well in cold and keep the price down. Raceface Turbine cranks are a nice upgrade with a single Narrow-Wide chainring up front. The cockpit is they can spec all these nice parts and keep the bike under $2000 is mind boggling. Come check them out. $1949.99. 

Click Here to check out the Specs on RSD's website.

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 We have sold a few of our yet to be branded custom carbon wheelsets so the builds have started.  The carbon rims have blown us away with their quality and finish, and indeed Owain and Barry have noted how true they build up without fuss.  Most current wheels on the market today are between 17 - 22mm wide internally but our Trail Rims are 30mm wide while our XC Race Rims are 22mm.  Even our Road/Cross tubulars are 23mm wide (externally).  This will greatly improve traction and stability in corners as your tires will be well supported when leaned rather than squirming when running proper low pressure.  Hub options include Hope, King, DT, American Classic and Stans ZTR.  Hope or Stans ZTR with the excellent DT Supercomp spokes start at 1449.  Nothing will improve your bike more than a wheel upgrade so give us a shout to get rolling.


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Pre-Order Your 2014 Bike in October and get a Great Deal!

Here's how it Works:

1) Pick out that awesome 2014 bike you've been wanting.

2) Come by the shop and we'll give you the Pre-Order Sale Price. You get a great deal and you are guaranteed to get the model you want

3) Put down 50% and we add it to our 2014 booking order. Depending on the model, it will come in between February and April. We'll let you know of  course.

4) When it comes in and is all good, you pay the other 50%.

What's the Fine Print?

This deal only applies to bikes over $1500.

Balance on bike must be paid off by April 15th (if the bike gets here by then of course--the basement gets pretty jammed). Some high-end models can take longer so if that happens, then it's balance due when the bike is ready.

 Offer ends October 31st so don't wait.


 Save $665 on this Pivot Mach 6Save $665 on this Pivot Mach 6Save $870 on this Niner Jet 9 RDOSave $870 on this Niner Jet 9 RDOSave $1200 on this Madone 7 SeriesSave $1200 on this Madone 7 Series

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