Shop History

Founded in 1989 by Jim Moulden, Hardcore Bikes was the original mountain bike shop in Edmonton. Offering hard-to-find specialty mountain bike parts and hand-built frames Hardcore was something different from the beginning. Started in a tiny shop in an alley that had a previous life as a sausage factory, the Shop quickly grew as mountain bikes took off in popularity. In 1992 we moved to a new (really old) building down the street and we have been here ever since.

 Jim retired from frame building in 2003 but the Shop still carries on the tradition of offering something different from the big stores. You can walk into Hardcore and still see the same faces that were there in the beginning. The people who work here ride and race and believe that cycling is more than a business, it is a lifestyle. Most of our customers we know by name and we treat our customers the same way we treat our friends. We do not have the big store’s budgets to advertise and instead rely on word of mouth to let people know about us. In a world of box stores, come and discover that personalized, down-to-earth service does still exist.

Hardcore Bikes is an Edmonton Alberta bike shop that specializes in mountain bikes, commuter bikes and bike repairs since 1989. We carry Trek, Electra, Marin, Niner, Yeti, Ibis, BMC, Foundry, Turner, 9:ZERO:7 and Knolly. All of our staff are riders and we have an active club that has regular rides all through the bike season. We service all types of bikes using the Barnett’s system of bicycle repair—that means we use torque wrenches and spoke tension meters. We believe in offering the best products in a laid-back, no-pressure atmosphere. Our bike store has over 23 years in business—come find out why we’ve been here that long.