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Hardcore Bikes has always been known as a “technical” bike shop. To maintain the high level of repair service that our customers have expected from us we have invested a great deal of time, money and effort in our repair shop. Our head mechanics have been trained in the Barnett’s system of bicycle repair which involves, wherever possible, quantifying adjustments. For example, bolts are not just tightened, they are torqued to the manufacture’s recommend value. Wheels are not just trued but also tensioned with a spoke tension meter ensuring the wheel is within the optimal range. Anyone can repair your bike by “feel” but we believe you deserve a higher standard of service.

We have invested in Specialty Tools to offer Professional Service for these products: 

  • Shimano Nexus and Alfine Internal Hubs -- Oil Changes
  • Chris King Hubs -- Full Overhauls
  • Most Suspension Forks -- Full Overhauls
  • Fox Rear Air Shocks -- Overhaul of Air Sleeve (not including charging of Nitrogen) 
  • Frame Prep: BB tapping and Facing, Headtube reaming, Seatube Reaming and Honing
  • Pedal Insert Helicoil
  • Custom Wheel Building using a DT Spoke Tension Meter
  • Disc Brake Rotor Truing
  • Torque Wrenches: All of our Repairs make use of Torque Wrenches whenever possible. Our philosophy: Don't Guess, Measure.

All of our Work is Guaranteed!

Parts, Shop Supplies & GST Not Included in Pricing

Professional Tune Up $89.97
  • Adjustment of Rear shifting system including Alignment of Derailleur Hanger, Adjustment of B-Limit, High and Low Limit Screws and Cable Tension.
  • Adjustment of Front Derailleur including Correct Height and Angle, Limit Screws and Cable Tension
  • Correct Adjustment of braking system and Inspect Brake Pads for Wear
  • Adjustment of Hubs and Headset.
  • Adjustment of Bottom Bracket (if possible); Check for Wear in Cartridge Types.
  • Tires Inspected for Wear or Damage and Inflated to Correct Pressure.
  • Safety check including Torquing of Fasteners to Spec.
  • Inspection of Cables and other Components for Wear or Damage.
  • Cleaning of Bike and Inspection of Frame for Damage or Cracks.
  • Test Ride to Check Adjustments; most bikes, especially full-suspension bikes, shift differently during actual riding than when in the repair stand
  •  Price does not include parts or the labour to install them.
Major Tune Up $149.97

All of the Above in Professional Tune Up, Plus:

  • Removal and Cleaning of the Drivetrain with Solvent and High Pressure Air (Chain, Cassette, Crankset & Derailleur Pulley Wheels). 
  • Labour for Sizing/Installation of Cables and/or Drivetrain Components included in price. Cost of Parts is Not Included in Price
  • Truing of Wheels

Complete Overhaul


All of the Above in Major Tune Up, Plus:

  • The Bike is Stripped down to the Frame and Cleaned.
  • Includes the Repack of all Loose Bearings including Hubs, Bottom Bracket and Headset.
  • Complete True and Tensioning of the Wheels including laterally and radially.
  • Disassembly and Cleaning of the entire Drivetrain Including the front and Rear Derailleurs.
  • Disassembly and cleaning of the brakes.
  • No Extra Charge for Installation of Parts.




Prices for Other Common Service Items: (Some items, shop supply charge will be added)
Tube or Tire Change $10
Fork Overhaul (Seals and Oil Extra) $75
Riding Advice Free
Brake Adjust per End $15
Rear Derailleur Adjust $20
Front Derailleur Adjust $20
Air and Oil Free
Box Bike for Shipping - includes box and packing materials $75
Overhaul Rear Fox Air Shock $35
Clean Drivetrain $45
Build Wheel $75
Shop Rate per Hour $75
Bleed Brake per End $35
True & Tension Wheel $28


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