Hardcore Kids


Hardcore Kids 2017 is Full

2016 riders have until January 13, 2017 to confirm to kliss@shaw.ca if they will be back in 2017.

Starting on January 14, 2017 we will start accepting requests for new riders. Email

kliss@shaw.ca indicating name, age and gender. Requests will be accepted in the order of

receipt until the program is full. A waiting list will then be maintained. Messages receivedprior to January 14 will be ignored.

Once the program is full, confirmed participants will be provided instructions on how to register and pay via the Zone4 website.

Please contact Kim Liss ( kliss@shaw.ca) with any enquires or questions.

A few pictures from 2016 classes can be viewed on the Instagram account “hckidscoach”.

Hardcore Kids

Hardcore Kids is entering its 6th year!  We are a cycling program focused on the development and application of cycling skills for children aged 7 – 15 riding their mountain bikes on the Edmonton river valley trails and the Devon Bike Park. This includes the basic skills of balance, gear shifting, braking, climbing, descending and cornering and basic mechanical skills. Advanced skills such as wheel lifts, bunny hop, manual, wheelie drop, jumps, etc are then introduced depending on ability and interest. These skills are practiced to gain confidence and then progressively applied on the technical and single track trails in the river valley. A program goal is to have all participants able to comfortably ride any trail in the Edmonton River Valley.

Track, Road, Cyclocross and BMX riding/racing are not covered by the program.

Three classes will be held on Saturdays.  The first is targeted at beginner cyclists aged 7 – 9 years.  The second is targeted at riders aged 10 -12 with some riding experience.  The third class generally consists of more experienced, confident and strong riders.  A second intermediate level class will be on Sundays. Each class will be approximately 2.5hr long.

The Coach reserves the right to move a child from one class to another based on their strength and skill level compared to the group.  

Classes are capped at 10 (6 for the youngest group) to ensure safety and provide ample opportunity for coaching. Parents are welcome and encouraged to ride with us.

Equipment Requirements

  • Must wear a helmet
  • Class 1 must have a multi-geared mountain bike with wheels sized 20 inches or larger
  • Classes 2 and 3 must have a multi-geared mountain bike with wheels sized 24 inches or larger (standard adult mountain bike wheels are 26 – 29 inches)
  • Gloves, weather appropriate clothes, a water bottle, snacks, and a small pack to carry these items are recommended

The program is led by Kim Liss. Qualifications include:

  • Eight years experience coaching and leadership of children’s cycling development programs including starting Hardcore Kids in 2012
  • Attended Summer Gravity Camp (SGC) in Whistler (2014)
  • Certified by Endless Biking as a Level 2 Mountain Bike Instructor (2013; PMBIA recertified in 2016))
  • Certified Standard First Aid – Level C CPR and AED (2013)
  • Completed the “Intro to Coaching Cycling Skills” 2 day clinic offered by the ABA in April 2009
  • Riding highlights in 2014 include trips to Fernie, Golden, Revelstoke, Nelson and Whistler
  • Life time rider and occasional recreational racer including solo 24 Hours of Adrenalin, cross Europe tours and regular trips to western Canadian MTB riding destinations

Gord Brenner will be the lead coach for the youngest group of riders. Gord was an active volunteer with Hardcore Kids in 2014, is a ride leader with the Hardcore Club adult rides and coaches other children’s athletics including soccer.


  • The cost is $175 per child to cover ABA insurance, club membership and program expenses and development.
  • Parents are welcome to participate. Regulations require any parent also have ABA insurance (additional $35).

Class Size

Capped at 10 to ensure a quality experience for all children participating.

Parent helpers are very helpful in running a safe and fun class. If you are interested in joining your child for the morning, please let the program coach know.

The Coach reserves the right to move a child from one group to another based on their skill level compared to the group

Additional Classes and Private Instruction:

Additional small group sessions or private lessons are available on request. Please contact Kim Liss to discuss details, scheduling and cost.