Electric Assist Bikes Have Arrived

Electric Assist Bikes Have Arrived

Huge in Europe, e-bikes or electric-assist bikes have arrived in Canada and we have them in stock. Trek’s line of Ride+ e-bikes is excellent and features Mountain Bikes, Dual Sports and Comfort bikes so there is something for everyone. These bikes are a hoot to ride, allow you to ride further and in more difficult terrain with the same or less effort and generally make riding more enjoyable. Ok, do you like riding so hard that your heart rate is bouncing off the limiter, your legs are burning and your lungs searing? Then you might want to stick with a regular bike–you know who you are (racers). Most people, however, don’t want to suffer on the bike and for them the e-bike extends the distance they can ride and allows them to ride to work without getting there clothes all sweaty. E-bikes are also great levellers and allows people of varying levels fitness to ride together and everyone can keep up.

We have demos available and once you try one you’ll be hooked. Come check them out.

Neko Plus

Trek Neko Plus

Lift Plus

Trek Lift Plus Step-Thru


Trek Powerfly