Complete Overhaul

Complete Overhaul
Adjustment of Rear shifting system including Alignment of Derailleur Hanger, Adjustment of B-Limit, High and Low Limit Screws and Cable Tension.
Adjustment of Front Derailleur including Correct Height and Angle, Limit Screws and Cable Tension
Correct Adjustment of braking system and Inspect Brake Pads for Wear
Adjustment of Hubs and Headset.
Adjustment of Bottom Bracket (if possible); Check for Wear in Cartridge Types.
Tires Inspected for Wear or Damage and Inflated to Correct Pressure.
Safety check including Torquing of Fasteners to Spec.
Inspection of Cables and other Components for Wear or Damage.
Cleaning of Bike and Inspection of Frame for Damage or Cracks.
Test Ride to Check Adjustments; most bikes, especially full-suspension bikes, shift differently during actual riding than when in the repair stand
Price does not include parts or the labour to install them.
Removal and Cleaning of the Drivetrain with Solvent and High Pressure Air (Chain, Cassette, Crankset & Derailleur Pulley Wheels).
Labour for Sizing/Installation of Cables and/or Drivetrain Components included in price. Cost of Parts is Not Included in Price
Truing of Wheels
The Bike is Stripped down to the Frame and Cleaned.
Includes the Repack of all Loose Bearings including Hubs, Bottom Bracket and Headset.
Complete True and Tensioning of the Wheels including laterally and radially.
Disassembly and Cleaning of the entire Drivetrain Including the front and Rear Derailleurs.
Disassembly and cleaning of the brakes.
No Extra Charge for Installation of Parts.