Hardcore Cycling Club Weekly Rides

Due to the increased popularity of both the Monday and Wednesday night club rides, Hardcore is excited to announce two new weekly club rides. All Mountain Mondays, which will run alongside the existing Social Ride and a longer tempo, endurance-based Wednesday ride in addition to the usual Racer Ride. Our expanded range of rides help build progression and cater to a wider range of abilities and interests that we’ve seen over the past year.


Social Ride

Monday Social rides will continue as before meeting at the Shop at 6:30 as in the past. The Social Ride caters to those looking for a bit slower/chatty pace and an opportunity to session a couple of difficult sections. Riders should be comfortable riding for up to two hours on singletrack trails. The singletrack trails will be linked by gravel and paved paths. This ride will avoid exposed, dangerous sections of trail, or at least stop before we get to these spots and then provide people with the ride around option. These rides are also an ideal recovery ride for those coming off a Sunday race, or a chance to ride with your spouse.

All Mountain Ride

All Mountain Mondays will cater to those who ride one of the new generation trail or all-mountain rigs who are looking to ride more technical challenging trails, while not at a race pace. Our goal is to connect up as many technically challenging trails in the River valley, with an emphasis on exciting descents. This ride will go a bit longer in time and distance as well. We would be targeting ending the ride at 9 vs 8:30 for the social ride. Our target rider would be one of intermediate to advanced technical skills with good, but not race fitness, who can ride for 2 to 2.5 hrs on technical singletrack . All mountain Mondays still leave from the shop every Monday at 6:30 pm.

Wednesday Rides

Racer Ride

Known as one of the harder club rides in the region, the Wednesday Racer Ride is a fast-paced XC training ride. If you are a hammerhead who wants to get faster or a racer looking to get ready for a season of Alberta cup XC Racing, this ride is for you! This ride is lead by some of the top ranked elite racers on the AB Cup circuit and it will push your limits. We hit up the bountiful buffet of Edmonton river valley singletrack and go the tough way. This ride takes few breaks, with less waiting, so a good knowledge of the trail system is a definite asset. This ride typically goes for about 2 hrs close to max hear rate. The target rider should have above average to excellent fitness and good bike handling skills, and like the big ring.

Trail Ride

The new Wednesday night ride will appeal to those who are technically sound fast paced riders that rock baggies and a hydration pack. If you are the type of rider that can keep a blistering pace on the most technical of trails, prides themselves on never dabbing, yet you tend to slow it down a touch and talk trash to a friend while pedalling to the next single track then this ride is for you. While just a bit less intense than the race pace Wednesday ride this ride will be faster with less stops than the fast Monday ride. Knowledge of the river valley trails is an asset on these rides as we rove far and wide to each end of the system. This ride will typically last 3 hours or more depending on weather and the group and will feature a good mix of technical climbs and descents.

Hardcore club rides are some of the longest running in the Edmonton cycling scene. We are proud to have the most experienced rider leaders in the city, riders of all stripes, some of whom bring up to 2 decades of River Valley mountain bike experience to share with you. We know the trails. We are very excited to offer a choice of 2 rides every Monday and Wednesday! How do you choose? Did you spend a lot of time on that trainer all winter and feeling fit this year? Are you looking to move up a class this year? Come on out to Wednesday rides. Want to build your endurance to get ready for that 24 hours race, join us for the Wednesday Enduro ride. Looking to improve your technical prowess to really take advantage of that new trail/all-mountain bike, come out on the All-Mountain Monday ride. Tired after that long race on Sunday, recover with us on the Social Ride and meet some new friends. Just getting into the mountain bike scene and want to progress. Start on our Monday social rides and work to progress through the other three rides. We’d suggest those looking to try the Wednesday rides, try the tempo based endurance ride first before trying the all-out “Racer” ride. Not sure where you fit? Drop us a line and we would be happy to answer your questions…or start on the Monday Social ride.

Thursday Road Ride

The road ride leaves the shop at 6:30 pm on Thursdays and will be a 1.5 - 2 hours and gradually get longer through the season depending on weather, daylight hours and the preferences of those who come out. We encourage all abilities to come out. If the group gets big enough we will split up into a 2 or more groups which will allow us to cater to different paces. We plan to do a variety of rides including city circuits and loops out into the country, eg, the Devon Loop. The rides are not intended to be hammerfests but rather endurance rides at a steady pace--though if someone wants to hammer a hill, go right ahead. We will also work on group riding and pace line technique for those who would like to learn this. As always, the route will likely include a watering hole at the end for refreshments.

And Now a Word from Our Lawyers…

Please keep in mind that our ride leaders are volunteers—they don’t get paid for this and are there to enjoy the ride as well. They make every effort to keep the ride together but if you take a wrong turn you may lose the group and have to find your way back so as mentioned, some knowledge of the river valley and roads in the area is a good idea. No one wants anyone to get hurt so you must have a helmet. Please ensure your bike is in good repair before the ride for your own safety and so the others on the ride aren’t having to wait while you work on it. If you aren’t sure about your bike drop by the Shop, it is free for us to inspect it for you. For liability reasons, the Alberta Bicycle Association requires that everyone on a club group ride be a member of our club. Click Here to join our club. Our insurance allows one "test ride" check things out but after that you have to join the club if you want to ride with us. All rides leave from the Shop at 6:30 pm. We reserve the right to blend the 2 rides based on the number of participants and ride leader availability. Most of our rides typically end with at a patio with post ride beers and bench racing. Come join us and experience the difference!


Interclub Road Rides-Spring 3-4 hrs.

Race Days-Spring-Fall

Winter Rides-Late Fall to Late Winter, depending on the trails.