Now that the snow is here, Monday-Night Rides are back on. Same as Spring/Summer; meet at the Shop in time to be ready to ride at 6:30 pm. Bring your Fatbike and lights of course. Must be a club member (or the member of another ABA-affiliated club). The Shop will be open so you can come in to warm up. Snacks and beverages afterwards back at the Shop. Come on out and get fat with us this winter.

Fat Bike RideFat Bike Ride

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 The Club Ride will be in Ft. Saskatchewan tonight. These are some super-fun trails if you haven't tried them before.


We will be Meeting at the Boat Launch Parking Lot, NOT at the Tennis Courts, be ready to ride at 7pm.

See you there!

Here's a Map:

Ft. Sak Ride LocationFt. Sak Ride Location


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 Given the huge amount of time we spend riding the trails in the river valley, a few years ago the club thought it a good idea to put something back in the form of some trail days. In cooperation with the City of Edmonton and the Edmonton Mountain Bike Alliance, Hardcore Cycling Club adopted the trails in the area below Saskatchewan Drive from the Walterdale Bridge to the Old Timer's Cabin.

Our second Trail Day of 2015 will be Wednesday July 8th and will be in place of the ride. Come help maintain the trails we love to ride. After we will retire well-deserved for adult beverages and snacks.

Work Starts at 6:30pm

Meet at Queen Elizabeth Park parking lot a bit before 6:30

Bring if you got 'em: hedge trimmers, shovels, Pulaskis, rakes, work gloves, bug spray, hydration and wear enclosed-toe shoes....Or if you don't have any of that just bring yourself.

Trail DayTrail Day


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 Next Monday will be our 4th Annual Solstice Ride where we take advantage of the long days and do an extra-long ride.


Also, it is STRONGLY recommended you have come out to the rides on a regular basis to prepare. Please do not use this ride as your first; the regular Monday rides are the place for that. They commence the week after this.

In past we have gone east, so this year we are switching things up and riding west. Depending on numbers there will likely be at least 4 groups with the more advanced groups doing 4+ hours, group 2 3.5 to 4 hours, group 3 3 to 3.5 and group 4 2.5 to 3 hours. All rides are longer than our usual Monday rides, including the shortest, but that's the point of an epic. If you find the ride too long an you have to bail out--just let someone know please so we don't spend hours looking for you. Be honest with yourself when choosing your group. Its a great opportunity to push yourself, but ensure its within your limits. 2 hours from home is a bad time to find out you are in a group that is too hard for you.

Please note that these rides are self supported. That means it is up to you to bring enough water, food and spares to make sure you can complete the ride. I'd recommend at least 3L of water, (in a pack) and perhaps a water bottle with some electrolyte. Bring whatever food gets you through a ride. Extra warm clothing like a vest, arm warmers, light jacket etc, is recommended in case weather turns while we are riding. Also, make sure your bike is in good repair and you have at least one spare tube and chain links along with a pump and multi-tool. We'll end the ride at the Garneau Pub for some well-deserved pizza and beer on the patio.

Apres RidesApres Rides

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