Biketoberfest! Pre-Order and Save.

Biketoberfest! Pre-Order and Save.

Every year we have a promotion where you can order next year’s hot new bikes for a good deal. As you may or may not know, Octoberfest in Germany actually starts in September so this year we are doing the same (also some of the booking deadlines are earlier this year so we have to get our orders in sooner).

Here’s how it works:

  1. Pick out the awesome 2017 bike you’ve been dreaming of, yes the one that’s the screen saver on your phone, computer at work, tablet, etc.
  2. Come into the shop and put down 50% and we’ll add it to our booking order.
  3. It will come in between February and April (varies with manufacturer), we build it up and you come in, pay the balance and pick up your new bike. You’ll be ready to ride before the snow melts. Easy.

The discount is 10% off and it ends the end of October**. Drop by the shop for the 2017 prices for Trek, Marin, Yeti, BMC and Ibis or drop us a line and we’d be happy to get you pricing. This deal is only for bikes over $2000. Any questions, get in touch here.


Save 10% on 2017 Yeti Bikes


2017 Trek Road Bikes: Pre-Order and Save!

**Except Ibis — orders for those end October 15th so don’t wait.



Trek Mountain Bikes: Save 10%