Bike of the Month

Trek Farley 9.6

Just as Agent Smith said to Neo in the first Matrix movie: "That Mr. Anderson is the sound of inevitablility" so the sound of a cold wind blowing signals the coming of winter. You might not have the powers of "The One" but here's a much more fun weapon against winter: Trek's Farley 9.6. With it's Carbon Frame and Fork, mountain bike geometry (not touring, ie: slow handling, that some fatbikes have), Tubeless-Ready 27.5+ Wheels and Tires, and Light/Efficient/Simple SRAM GX1 1x11 Drivetrain you won't be able to out-ride winter but you will be able to out-ride your buddies. And why would you want to out-ride winter when you are giggling like a little kid in Edmonton's river valley winter playground.